You wouldn’t know it, but this cute little working-man’s cottage in Mount Cook, Wellington has just had double glazing fitted to the Bay Window. That’s window restoration how we like it at The English Craftsman, because we work mostly on Historic Character Homes and homes of distinction and we don’t want to detract from their historic integrity. That could seriously damage their value and appeal.

Window Restoration

Our brief for this window restoration was to make both the upper and lower sashes operate, as the tops had previously been fixed in place. As you can see from the photo, on a stinking hot Wellington day, the client had gone to work safe in the knowledge that the ventilation gap left open in the side windows isn’t a security risk. We had fitted discreet security bolts that allow the window to remain slightly open but locked in place, allowing some airflow and keeping the internal temperature to a comfortable level for when the owner returns. This is especially important on stuffy nights, particularly as the window is at street level.

As it happened, we were working on this whilst the client was away, and discovered that the top sashes had never been intended to open, as there was no evidence of any pulleys being installed. Our skilled craftsmen duly fitted new pulleys and made the top sashes work as requested.

The whole exterior and interior of the bay was sanded and re-painted to match the rest of the window joinery.

Looking from the street, at first glance you wouldn’t know these windows have been double glazed, but you wouldnotice that they look really great!