We’re approaching that time of year where if your windows aren’t sufficiently sealed, you’ll certainly be noticing the change in weather by now! It’s one of the most important aspects of your windows functionality and so it’s important you do the job properly, whether you’re doing it yourself or paying a professional to do it for you.
Tips to remember when draught-proofing
Sash windows can be difficult to effectively draught-proof, so more often than not, this job will require a specialist. You’ll need specifically designed seals for sash windows, such as The English Craftsman Weatherpile fitted to replacement beadings (Ask us about our DIY draught seals for sash windows). Obviously the benefits of ensuring your window is properly draught-proofed means that you’ll save a fair amount in heating bills over the Winter period – figures say that potentially the cost of draught-proofing could be recouped in as little as 5 years!
When applying self-adhesive seals, the surface must be clean, dry and free of an residue such as surface oils, dirt etc. If you fail to do this, it may result in the seal not attaching to the surface correctly which over time will mean it starts to peel off. These seals are great when you have a curved area or where routing would be difficult.
Painting over the top of seals once they have been fitted can render them useless, depending on the type of seal you’ve bought. Painting can mean they become clogged and don’t expand to their full potential, however, many of our seals are resilient to paints and stains such as our Sofseal range.
One thing to remember is that ventilation is a necessity in any room, so any draught-proofing you undertake will need to allow for the room to still be able to ventilate properly. This is essential to avoid mould and damp issues later down the line. A great way of reducing condensation while retaining heat in your property is by fitting trickle vents above your windows.
Ensure you choose a seal colour as close to the colours of your window as possible, so that when the window is open, the effect isn’t ruined! Our Easy Insertion Weatherseals are perfect for the job.

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