Wood Reviver

We devised this product from an old English recipe. Our wood reviver restores the natural lustre of tired looking furniture and brings bare wood alive.



The wood reviver is taken from an 18th Century recipe for cleaning and restoring lustre to natural wood. It works well if used in combination with the Beeswax Polish. Use the Reviver on a cloth and wipe over the wax polish to “Charge” the cloth before rubbing into bare wood. Allow to dry off a little before buffing with a soft, dry cloth. We use this method to finish all our natural wood windows following a sealer coat of polyurethane and/or shellac. Use of steel wool or a green pot scourer can help spread the wax.

The reviver can also be used to clean antique furniture that has been waxed, or French Polished. Care should be taken with French Polished furniture, so test in a small, discreet area first. The reviver does contain a solvent for Shellac, so avoid prolonged use on French Polished furniture.